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Happy Birthday, Friedrich Bessel

July 22, 2019

Friedrich Bessel could have led a comfortable life had he stayed in his career at a commercial firm. Instead, he was inspired to study astronomy, physics, and planetary behavior and movement…

5 Facts for 50 Years: The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

July 19, 2019

Think you know everything about the Apollo 11 mission? We go over 5 fun facts about the landmark aeronautical event in celebration of the 50-year anniversary.

Analyzing Slope Stability Through the Shear Strength Reduction Method

May 28, 2019

Dams that are poorly designed or constructed are likely to fail. However, geotechnical engineers can account for the stability and reliability of a dam long before the structure is even built.

Happy Birthday, Esther M. Conwell

May 23, 2019

Esther M. Conwell’s list of accolades is almost as long as her list of accomplishments in semiconductor research. Just as impressive, this physicist inspired a new generation of STEM learners.

Happy Birthday, Elsie Eaves

May 5, 2019

Elsie Eaves was one of the first female civil engineers and is celebrated as a role model for future engineers.

Happy Birthday, Carl Friedrich Gauss

April 30, 2019

Gauss’ perfectionism in the field of mathematics paid off: Today, there is a statistical distribution curve and entire electromagnetics unit system named in his honor.

Happy Birthday, Max Planck

April 23, 2019

When Max Planck was young, a teacher told him that there was nothing left to discover in the world of physics. Fortunately for us, and the field of quantum mechanics, Planck had other plans…

Happy Birthday, Charles Proteus Steinmetz

April 9, 2019

Today’s engineering students benefit from Steinmetz’s work on alternating currents and magnetism. How much do you know about the man behind the law of hysteresis?