RadiaSoft LLC

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Founded in 2013, RadiaSoft is a high-tech consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado. We perform cutting-edge research in a variety of domains, from directed energy to basic science to radiation treatment planning systems. The use of machine learning to solve challenging technical problems is a core competency.

We also develop browser-based GUIs for legacy technical codes. Examples can be found at our scientific gateway, sirepo.com.

Areas of Expertise
  • Application Builder GUIs
  • Thermomechanical analysis
  • Charged particle dynamics
  • X-ray optics and ray tracing
  • Electromagnetics
  • Algorithm development
  • Mathematical modeling
Industries We Serve
  • Isotope production and food irradiation
    • Particle accelerator design
    • Control system tuning
    • Vacuum chamber design
  • Advanced manufacturing
    • Thermionic converters
    • Vacuum nanoelectronic devices
    • High-power electrodynamics
    • Particle and radiation sources
  • Medical research
    • Radiation treatment planning
  • Large-scale infrastructure monitoring
    • Acoustic sensor technology
Featured COMSOL Project

Multiphysics design of synchrotron light source vacuum chambers

Available Services

We use the full capabilities of COMSOL® and C/C++, Python, Java®, and FORTRAN codes to develop solutions within complex problem domains and support our customers by providing:

  • Problem solving
  • Analysis review
  • Customized multiphysics apps
  • GUIs for nonexpert use of COMSOL®

Our PhD-level experts are available to consult as your business expands into new areas. You can also outsource parts of a project to our research team.

Address and Contact Information

RadiaSoft, LLC
3380 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Phone: +1 (720) 502-3928
Email: info@radiasoft.net
Website: www.radiasoft.net