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Schrodinger-Poisson Parametric Sweep

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I would like to determine the wave functions for multiple quantum well models with varying well/barrier dimension; i.e. one model with one set of parameters repeated (2/5/2/5/2), and another with a second repeated parameter set (3/5/3/5/3).

When adding a Parametric Sweep to the Study, the only useful results I can get with the Parametric Solutions Data Set is the voltage [V] and potential energy schr.V [eV]. If I try to use the Parametric Solutions Data Set to plot the wave functions using the equation

schr.Psi*0.05[eV]/schr.plot_fac +schr.Ei

I get the error:

Cannot evaluate expression. Undefined variable. - Variable: lambda - Geometry: geom1 - Domain: 15 Failed to evaluate variable. - Variable: comp1.schr.Ei - Defined as: comp1.schr.lambda_scalelambda Failed to evaluate expression. - Expression: 6.2415091258832579E18(8.010883104E-21*comp1.schr.Psi/comp1.schr.plot_fac+comp1.schr.Ei) - Plot: lngr2 (Line graph)

The results associated with the Study 1/Solution Store: Store Wave Function are only for one parameter, rather than a sweep.

If I try to do my sweep using the Study Extensions- Auxiliary Sweep node under Schrodinger-Poisson/Settings a warning pops up under the Eigenvalue Solver 1: Solve for Wave Function- "Parametric Solver does not support varying parameters in geometry or mesh. Use Parametric Sweep for this."

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you!

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