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Separate Studies in 5.5 Results in Undefined Variable Error

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I am running a frequency domain simulation with the wave optics module to measure the resitive losses (ewfd.Qe) for an optical absorber. I then feed that value as a heat source into a time dependent simulation for solid state heat transfer. This simulation was working perfectly on 5.4 and as soon as I updated to 5.5 I get the "Undefined variable" error when I try to run my heat transfer study. Any ideas or help that you may have is appreciated!

P.S. - The time dependent solver does not follow the specified logarithmic time steps. I have had this issue with 5.4 as well but never was able to figure it out.

Undefined variable.
- Variable: freq
- Geometry: geom1
- Domain: 2
Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression.
- Expression: comp1.ewfd.Hy
Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression.
- Expression: (0.5*comp1.ewfd.iomega)*(((comp1.ewfd.Bx*conj(comp1.ewfd.Hx))+(comp1.ewfd.By*conj(comp1.ewfd.Hy)))+(comp1.ewfd.Bz*conj(comp1.ewfd.Hz))) Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression.
- Expression: dvol*(comp1.ht.hs1.Q*comp1.ht.d)
Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression.
- Expression: (comp1.ht.hs1.Q*test(comp1.T)*comp1.ht.d)*(dvol)

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