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How to apply angular velocity to disc in solid mechanics

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Hi there, I am trying to apply the roational velocity to the disc in disc brake analysis in solid mechanics module. But I didn't figure out it yet. Please anybody help me with that. I tried many possible ways. In solid mechanics module, I tried applying rotational velocity using prescribed velocity. In that I applied the rotational velocity using the x and y components such as if theta = angular displacement omega = d(theta)/dt, angular velocity

if x = Rcos(theta) y = Rsin(theta)

then velocity componenets are vx = dx/dt = -Rsin(theta) omega = -yomega vy = dy/dt = Rcos(theta) omega = xomega

when I apply these components in prescribed velocity in solid mechanics module, in the animation my disc rotates but at the same time it scales up (expand concetrically). I dont know why this happens. Any comment on it please.

Is there any other way to apply the rotational velocity.

I also tried to apply the rotational velocity using rigid connector. But I got the convergance issues with that.

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