Laminar Static Particle Mixer Designer

Application ID: 23921

In static mixers, a fluid is pumped through a pipe containing stationary mixing blades. This mixing technique is well suited for laminar flow mixing, because it generates only small pressure losses in this flow regime. When a fluid is pumped through the channel, the alternating directions of the cross-sectional blades mix the fluid as it passes along the length of the channel. The static mixing technique allows for precise control over the amount of mixing that takes place throughout the process. However, the performance of the mixer can vary greatly, depending on its geometry.

The Laminar Static Particle Mixer Designer app computes the fluid velocity and pressure field in a static mixer, as well as the trajectories of particles that are carried by the fluid. Because the particles have mass, they do not follow the fluid velocity streamlines exactly, causing some particles to hit the mixing blades.

The example app computes the transmission probability of particles in the mixer. It also evaluates the index of dispersion, which is a measurement of the uniformity with which different species of particles are mixed together.

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