Comparison between COMSOL and RFSP-IST for a 2-D Benchmark Problem

G. Gomes
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Published in 2008

RFSP-IST (Reactor Fueling Simulation Program) is a computer code used for the full-core neutronics design and analysis of CANDU® reactors. RFSP-IST calculates the static flux and power distributions in the core by solving the neutron diffusion equation in two energy groups.

For validation purposes, results from RFSP-IST are often compared with those from other codes. This paper documents the comparison with the commercial finite element multiphysics software package COMSOL on a two-dimensional benchmark problem.

Normalized bundle powers from RFSP-IST compared favorably with those from COMSOL, with the largest difference being 0.3%.