Electro Thermal Performance Prediction of Radio Frequency Ablation System for Efficient Cancer Treatment

C. Thiagarajan[1], V. Gnanasekar[2]
[1]ATOA Scientific Technologies Pvt Ltd, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
[2]Perfint Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, T.Nagar, Chennai, India.

Cancer causes significant human deaths. Radiofrequency ablation is an encouraging procedure for cancer treatment. The objective is to demonstrate the multiphysics simulation methodology. This paper summarizes the problem , governing equations, methodology, assumptions, simulation results and discussion related to the thermal performance prediction of radio frequency ablation on a homogeneous tissue model. The electromagnetic interaction with biological tissue and thermal ablation coupling are highlighted. he main problem addressed in this paper is the prediction of temperature distribution of biological tissue due to Radio frequency energy of electrodes. his is critical to estimate and monitor the procedure to ablate only the defective tissues as identified by the physician. The simulation potential for the development safe procedure planning and protocol is highlighted.