Graphene Interconnect as Coaxial Cable Supporting Frequencies at Tera Hz Range

H. Bapat[1], A. Vaidhyanathan[1]
[1]Intel, India
Published in 2019

This paper discusses coaxial carbon nano structure for THz range interconnect. Rolled Graphene is typically a carbon nano tube (CNT) designed by using hexagonal Boron Nitride as dielectric and Graphene layer on outer side of CNT. The paper analysis the interconnect bandwidth by measuring the Insertion loss of 100GHz to THz range of graphene cylinder by modelling it analytically using COMSOL Multiphysics® software. This graphene coaxial structure is designed to act as Nano - interconnect to support frequencies from 100 GHz to THz range. h-BN structure is similar to that of hexagonal graphene lattice hence there is better agreement between graphene and h-BN atomic bonding. Quantum conductivity and ballistic transport of electrons in graphene make this structure as better substitute for copper interconnects at lower size at nanometers scale enabling high speed transmission. This paper discusses the properties of the interconnect but does not cover manufacturability.

Index Terms— Graphene, coaxial cable, interconnects, h-BN, THz.