Heat Drain Device on Ultrasound Imaging Probe

G. Vigna[1], L. Spicci[1]
[1]Esaote SPA, Florence, Italy
Published in 2014

Self-heating is a problem to consider for Ultrasound Imaging probes. Since the probe is in contact with the skin, it’s necessary to find a solution to lower the front face temperature in order to avoid patient discomfort, even at the most demanding operating condition.

One solution consists in the design of a device that drains the heat from the front to the rear of the transducer, where a heat dissipator operates. Such heat drain device consists in a special ultrathin layer of extremely high thermal conductivity material.

A perfect tool for such project is the COMSOL Multiphysics Heat Transfer module: a 3D FEM was developed, tested and optimized, in order to study some possible solution and refine the best one.