iCP 1.0: Stable Release Version of the Interface COMSOL-PHREEQC

A. Nardi[1], L. M. deVries[1], A. Sainz[1], J. Molinero[1]
[1]Amphos 21 Consulting, Barcelona, Spain
Published in 2014

iCP (Nardi et al, 2014) is a software that couples two standalone simulation programs: COMSOL Multiphysics® and PHREEQC (Parkhurst & Appelo, 2013).

The tool is ideal for applying multiphysics and geochemistry in Earth Sciences. Flexibility of the two coupled codes result in an extensive list of modelling areas, offering good opportunities for R+D.

The iCP 1.0 is the version of the interface thought to be used by third-parties. Significant effort has been dedicated to improve the capabilities of the tool. New features as tailor-made physical interfaces and extensive logging have been incorporated. Special emphasis has been put to easily import existing COMSOL Multiphysics® and PHREEQC user’s models to new iCP models.