Optimization of the Slot Dimensions of a Large Air-gap Linear Synchronous Motor

F. Giacometti[1], C. R. Lines[1], R. J. Cruise[1]
[1]Texchange Limited, London, UK
Published in 2014

A COMSOL Multiphysics® model is used to optimise the slot geometry of a large air-gap linear synchronous motor. Fixed dimensions are used for the pole pitch, stator depth, stator width and air-gap, since the amount of available space is usually limited. A parametric sweep of the slot-width-to-tooth-width ratio is used to find the optimum geometry where the maximum thrust force is produced whilst keeping the amount of heat produced by the windings constant. The maximum thrust force is found to occur when the slot-width-to-tooth-width ratio is between 1.4 and 2. To further refine which ratio is best, one needs to consider other factors such as the magnitude of the cogging force as the reaction plate moves along the stator.