Study of Parameters that Affect the Resonant Frequency of a Proofmass in Identifying Vibration Profiles

P. Mallela[1], K. Dusarlapudi[2]
[1]K L U, India
[2]KLU, British Indian Ocean Territory
Published in 2019

The paper focuses on study of the affect of different parameters on the response of a Proof mass of a capacitive accelerometer. The proof mass is modeled for different structures while keeping the parameters values constant. The structural construction and the geometric parameters like length breadth, width of the proof mass affect the spring constant of the Proof mass. As the spring constant varies the operating frequency of the entire structure also varies proportionally. The pull in voltage, stress and different characterizations are compared in the paper while focusing on the importance of optimizing the spring constant. The designed proof mass of accelerometer is expected to work at a low frequency range with a fixed bandwidth which becomes a design challenge. The accelerometer is modeled using COMSOL Multiphysics® (Version 5.4)