Two-dimensional Fluid Simulation of an RF Capacitively Coupled Ar/H2 Discharge

L. Tong[1]
[1]Keisoku Engineering System Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Published in 2014

Ar/H2 discharges are frequently used in various industrial applications, such as etching processes, surface treatment, and film deposition. In the discharges, the active species, such as ions and hydrogen atoms, are responsible for surface reactions, which could be considered as the most important parameters in Ar/H2 plasmas. Capacitively coupled radio-frequency (RF) discharges are among the most powerful and flexible plasma reactors, widely used in research and industry. Since the simulation of CCPs is very computationally intensive, a two-dimensional fluid model is taken into account in the present research. The discharge properties of the Ar/H2 CCP plasmas are obtained and the effects of focus ring and blocking capacitor are presented.

Keywords: Ar/H2 mixture, CCP plasma, Blocking capacitor, self DC bias.