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MEMS and Nanotechnologyx

Optimization of Piezoelectric-Triboelectric Hybrid Generator Design novo

M. Padmanabhan1, G. Barbosa1
1Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, USA

Devices which scavenge energy from ambient mechanical sources such as human body movement and ocean waves are undergoing rapid research and development. Both triboelectric and piezoelectric effects have been employed in the design of such devices. In this work, we use the MEMS Module in ... Saiba Mais

Critical Temperature Control of Silicon Micro-Reactors for Lab-On-Chip Applications

S. Paul[1], A. Das[2], A. Bhattacharya[2]
[1]CRNN,University of Calcutta, India
[2]Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, India

The development of microfluidic components for implementation of a lab-on-chip system requires both fluid movements under a controlled environment as well as sensitive detection. This work involves the design and simulation of micro-reactors with integrated heating as well as optical ... Saiba Mais

Comparison of Dispersion Model for Spheres of Varying Geometry

M. Kalane[1], S. Mishra[1], S. Dhar[1], V. Shenoy[1], N. Sakpal[2], A. Agwan[2], S. Patwardhan[1]
[1]MITWPU, Pune, India
[2]Techniche Engineering Private Limited, India

Manufacturing of an apparatus for experimental purpose pose certain difficulties due to the process involved. For a 20L perfect sphere, manufacturing by forging or any other process is not economical, due to which the equipment is manufactured with modified dimensions. This paper aims to ... Saiba Mais

Electrothermal Study of Cu-CNT Composite TSV Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

K. Sable[1], B. Kumari[2], M. Sahoo[3]
[1]M.Tech Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad., India
[2]SRF, Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad., India
[3]Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad., India

Modelling 3D IC structures with Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) and micro bumps is a promising technique to achieve “more than Moore” integration. Conventionally, Copper (Cu) is used as a TSV material. However, due to rapid scaling of interconnect, problems like electro-migration and surface ... Saiba Mais

Design and Simulation of a Dual Axis Thermal Accelerometer using Single Axis Structure

R. Mukherjee[1], P. Mandal[2], P. Guha[2]
[1]Bennett University, India
[2]IIT Kharagpur, India

An accelerometer detects acceleration and tilt of a device. There are several areas where accelerometers are in use, e.g. aerospace, navigation, automotive industry, electronic gadgets etc. According to different working principle, there are different types of accelerometer, e.g. piezo ... Saiba Mais

FEM Simulation of Interdigitated Electrodes (IDEs) Device

S. Deshpande[1], S. Bhand[1], G. Bacher[1]
[1]BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, India

In this, FEM simulation of the interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) device using COMSOL Multiphysics® is presented. In this study, the effect of meshing sequence on the performance of IDEs device was evaluated using normal as well as adaptive mesh refinement. The key parameters such as of ... Saiba Mais

Lithium Niobate SAW devices for Multi-parameter Sensing : Modeling and Simulation Studies Using COMSOL Multiphysics®

R. Srivastava[1], S. Kale[1]
[1]Defence Institute Of Advanced Technology, India

Surface Acoustic Wave devices are classic examples of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). These devices basically utilize inter-digitated electrodes (IDE) and a piezoelectric layer deposited over a substrate. The input IDT is supplied with alternating voltage and because of this, ... Saiba Mais

Graphene Interconnect as Coaxial Cable Supporting Frequencies at Tera Hz Range

H. Bapat[1], A. Vaidhyanathan[1]
[1]Intel, India

This paper discusses coaxial carbon nano structure for THz range interconnect. Rolled Graphene is typically a carbon nano tube (CNT) designed by using hexagonal Boron Nitride as dielectric and Graphene layer on outer side of CNT. The paper analysis the interconnect bandwidth by measuring ... Saiba Mais

Study of Parameters that Affect the Resonant Frequency of a Proofmass in Identifying Vibration Profiles

P. Mallela[1], K. Dusarlapudi[2]
[1]K L U, India
[2]KLU, British Indian Ocean Territory

The paper focuses on study of the affect of different parameters on the response of a Proof mass of a capacitive accelerometer. The proof mass is modeled for different structures while keeping the parameters values constant. The structural construction and the geometric parameters like ... Saiba Mais

MEMS-based Reconfigurable Energy harvesting Device Using the Couple Cantilevers

A. A.L.G.N.[1], E. Rufus[1]
[1]VIT, India

Energy Harvesting methods are the most important area of Research since last decade, to bring forward the alternative methods for conventional power sources and generators at microscale and low powered devices. Most of these techniques use the ambient energy present in the environment ... Saiba Mais

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