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Aqui você encontrará apresentações realizadas nas Conferências de Usuários COMSOL de todo o mundo. As apresentações englobam pesquisas e produtos inovadores feitas por engenheiros e cientistas usando o COMSOL Multiphysics. Os tópicos abrangem uma grande gama de indústrias e aplicações, como elétrica, mecânica, escoamento e química. Use a função de busca "Quick Search" para encontrar apresentações na sua área de interesse.

Veja a coleção da COMSOL Conference 2019

MEMS and Nanotechnologyx

Co-simulation Framework in COMSOL Multiphysics® for Displacement of a MEMS Cantilever using a Depletion Schottky Transducer

K. Dhope[1], S. Tallur[1]
[1]Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Depletion layer MEMS actuators have been demonstrated in the past in p-n junctions as well as Schottky barrier interfaces to be effective transducers for internal transduction of high Q MEMS resonators without the need for piezoelectric materials or small resonator-electrode gaps. ... Saiba Mais

In-Air Fault Detection for Medical Ultrasonic Transducers

C. Chung[1], P. Verma[2]
[1]Xi Engineering Consultants Ltd., United Kingdom
[2]Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Ultrasound transducers are regularly used in medical clinics but their performance is known to deteriorate over time. Causes of this image quality degradation can include delamination between layers, physical breakage of components, short circuits and weakening crystals. Regular ... Saiba Mais

Multiphysics Modeling of Piezotronic Effect of ZnO Nanowires Under Arbitrary Loading

m. El Hachemi[1], J. Polesel[1]
[1]Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg

In order to exploit the piezotronic effect of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) crystal and to design an optimal high gauge strain sensors. One would require a deep understanding of the dynamics of charge carrier transport and accurately predict the levels of mechanical stress field and electrical charge ... Saiba Mais

Studies of the Yield of Back-Scattered Electrons in Scanning Field Emission Microscopy

H. Cabrera Cifuentes[1], G. Bertolini[1]
[1]ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Scanning field emission microscopy (SFEM) is a technique based on Topografiner [1] and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) [2] technologies. In this work, we do SFEM experiments to measure the electrons emitted by a sharp tungsten tip once they are back-scattered by a W(110) surface with ... Saiba Mais

Light Enhancement and Direction Control Using Bowtie Antenna Arrays

I. Pita[1], N. Liu[2], B. Corbett[3]
[1]Photonics Center, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
[2]Department of Physics and Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland
[3]Photonics Center, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland

The focus of this work is to determine the potential for arrays of nanoscale bowtie antennas for light enhancement and direction control in nano-optics devices. This is achieved by studying the effects of illumination on the backscattered and total fields, along with the intensity of the ... Saiba Mais

Simulation of Piezoelectric Device Structures for Force-Responsive Multi-Touch Displays

C. Tsangarides[1]
[1]Cambridge Touch Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

Interacting with digital devices has become part of daily life, whether in consumer products, services, or industrial applications. Most display-based devices provide user interactivity through touch sensing via a touch panel. As the number of device features increases, it demands an ... Saiba Mais

Hydrodynamic Heat Transport Model for Semiconductors with Complex Geometries Including Interfaces

A. Beardo Ricol[1], F. Alvarez Calafell[2]
[1]Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain
[2]Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

The development of new experimental techniques designed to measure the thermal response of semiconductors at reduced length and time scales is revealing the requirement of generalized heat transport models beyond the classical Fourier law [1,2]. We present the Kinetic Collective ... Saiba Mais

Towards High-Throughput DNA Synthesis in A Silicon-Based MEMS ‘Virtual Thermal Well’-Array

V. Narayan[1], A. Ferguson[1], Y. Lin[1], B. Kirkpatrick[1], M. Hayes[1], A. Prak[2]
[1]Evonetix Ltd, United Kingdom
[2]Lionix International, Netherlands

Evonetix is a Cambridge-based start-up company working on a revolutionary new technology to synthesize high-fidelity DNA at scale. Our technology is based on a silicon MEMS chip with a large number of reaction sites that facilitate multiple parallel synthesis channels. We operate a ... Saiba Mais

Simulation of an AlN PMUT With A Crossed-Slit for Enhanced Acoustic Pressure Outputs in Liquids

V. Tzanov[1], E. Ledesma[1], F. Torres[1], N. Barniol[1]
[1]Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

In our work, simulations of a piezoelectrical micromachined ultrasonic transducer compatible with CMOS-MEMS process are presented. The piezoelectric material of the PMUT is AlN sandwiched between two Al layers and a top Si3N4 passive layer. The piezoelectric and the metal materials have ... Saiba Mais

Multiphysics Simulations for Robust Computational Modelling of Stochastic Nanostructures

J. Tyson[1], T. Rahman[1], S. Boden[1]
[1]University of Southampton, United Kingdom

This work explores the implications of wholly random and non-linear nanostructures on electromagnetic wave propagation within a multiphysics simulation environment. Showcased is a way to noticeably bypass the inaccuracies drawn from the linearity dependency of traditional simulation ... Saiba Mais