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Aqui você encontrará apresentações realizadas nas Conferências de Usuários COMSOL de todo o mundo. As apresentações englobam pesquisas e produtos inovadores feitas por engenheiros e cientistas usando o COMSOL Multiphysics. Os tópicos abrangem uma grande gama de indústrias e aplicações, como elétrica, mecânica, escoamento e química. Use a função de busca "Quick Search" para encontrar apresentações na sua área de interesse.
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COMSOL Multiphysics: Innovative Design and Engineering

S. Wang[1]
[1]Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kun Shan University of Technology, Tainan, Taiwan

Multiphysics simulation has been used extensively in our research for fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Our projects include: simulation of fluid dynamics in an active liquid heat sink for CPU cooling, impeller design for a pipe flow generator with computational fluid dynamics ... Saiba Mais

Marine Vibrator Bubble Source Simulation and Testing

A. K. Morozov [1],
[1] Teledyne Marine Systems, North Falmouth, MA, USA

Marine Vibrators are a coherent type of sound source, which can be quieter and less harmful for marine habitants than traditional air-gun technology. Such source gives clearer, more precise and higher resolution imaging of the bottom properties due to the coherent signal and streamer ... Saiba Mais

Controlling the Deposition Regime in Close-Proximity Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition with COMSOL®

C. Masse de la Huerta [1], V. Nguyen [1], J.-M. Dedulle [1], D. Bellet [1], C. Jiménez [1], D. Muñoz-Rojas [1],
[1] Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP , LMGP, Grenoble, France

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) is a novel technique that allows the deposition of thin films at a considerably shorter time than the conventional Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) techniques while retaining its unique assets, i.e. high-quality films at low temperature, precise ... Saiba Mais

Integrating Geological Structures into 3D Numerical Groundwater Flow Models

S. Scheidler [1], B. Anders [1], H. Dresmann [1], P. Huggenberger [1],
[1] University of Basel, Department of Environmental Sciences, Applied and Environmental Geology (AUG), Basel, Switzerland

The 3D knowledge of complex geological systems and their integration into hydrogeological models is a prerequisite to study the dynamics of hydraulic processes at different scales. However, the integration of constructed 3D geological models (GOCAD©) into numerical groundwater flow ... Saiba Mais

Investigation of the Flow Characteristics of an Aerosol Mixing Facility

S. Horender [1], K. Auderset [1], K. Vasilatou [1],
[1] METAS, Bern, Switzerland

The measurement and regulation of particulate matter to improve outside air quality advanced a lot over the last decades. This also made it necessary to develop primary standards for calibrating these measurement systems and in future the composition of relevant aerosols will be taken ... Saiba Mais

To a Fluidic Diode for Biomedical Application

A. Slami [1], [2], V. Tishkova [2], R. Grossier [2], M. Lagaize [2], S. Veesler [2], S. Sofiane [3], N. Candoni [2],
[1] Biomedical Engineering laboratory, University of Tlemcen, Algeria and Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CINaM), Marseille, France
[2] Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CINaM), Marseille, France
[3] Biomedical Engineering laboratory, University of Tlemcen, Algeria

This work is focused on Micropump optimization for drug delivery application. Diabetes is one of the widely pervaded diseases. Among the side effects of hyperglycemia is the weakness of the whole body, so the patient will be unable to inject manually the drug. Therefore, Micropumps are ... Saiba Mais

Modeling the Hyperloop with COMSOL®: on the Design of the EPFLoop Pressurized Systems

Z. Sajó [1], L. Benedetti [1], N. Riva [1],
[1] EPFL - EPFLoop, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Hyperloop is a concept system targeting passenger transportation aiming to carry people in a pod running in a high vacuum tube at 1200 km/h. In 2015, SpaceX announced that they would sponsor a Hyperloop pod design competition, because of their interest in helping to accelerate the ... Saiba Mais

3D Unsteady CFD Simulation of Seasonal Solar Thermochemical Heat Storage System for Buildings

W. Yaïci [1], E. Entchev [1],
[1] CanmetENERGY Research Centre, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Solar energy storage has been an extensive research topic among the several thermal energy applications over the past three decades. Thermal energy storage (TES) systems in general, improve the energy efficiency of systems and sustainability of buildings by reducing the mismatch between ... Saiba Mais

Solar Active Plaster for the Renovation of Existing Buildings

S. Malz [1],
[1] Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, Regensburg, Bayern, Germany

The building sector, especially considering existing buildings, requires an enormous part of a country's energy demand. In the course of the renovation of buildings, therefore, less emphasis is placed on the protection of the appearance of historical/older buildings than on their future ... Saiba Mais

Prediction of Thermoacoustic Instabilities in Combustion Systems - Application to a Simplified Model of a Domestic Boiler

D. Tonon [1],
[1] T4G Engineering GmbH, Switzerland

The reduction of NOx emissions in combustion systems like domestic boilers, gas turbine combustors, industrial burners, etc., can be achieved by using lean premixed combustion technologies. One of the major concerns in the operability of such systems is their susceptibility to ... Saiba Mais