Magnetic Transmissions Increase Lifespan of Offshore Wind Farms

Flemming Buus Bendixen, Sintex, Denmark

Sintex is a developer and manufacturer of magnetic couplings, systems that transmit torque and power with significantly increased reliability compared to mechanical transmissions. Because of their noncontact operation and media separation, these couplings are finding crucial roles in cooling offshore wind turbines and chemical pumping applications. Sintex uses simulation apps created in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software to help sales people and even customers evaluate magnetic configurations without the expense and costliness of magnetic prototyping. These apps allow the user to draw on Sintex’s own imported library of magnetic materials; alter shapes and geometric properties; and calculate torque conversion, eddy current losses, and temperature increases to prevent demagnetization.

This portion of the simulation app models the induced eddy current density in the can and calculates the resulting energy loss.