Simulation Enables the Next Generation of Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors

L. Jovelli
Siemens, Brazil

From power generation to its distribution to end users, power transformers and shunt reactors are used throughout the electrical grid for voltage conversion and to absorb reactive power. At Siemens Brazil in Jundiai, São Paulo, designers are using multiphysics simulation to verify that grid-integrated transformers and shunt reactors can handle increasing power demands without overheating in order to ensure their safe operation. Simulations have been useful for both reducing hotspots in their transformer and shunt reactor designs and improving oil circulation for better cooling. Part of their work included creating a multiphysics model of an oil-immersed power transformer to investigate the thermohydraulic behavior. It represents the first-ever 3D transformer model at Siemens or perhaps anywhere. With the accuracy of their simulations validated, the results can be regarded as an ally against design failure and used to optimize the amount of materials and cooling accessories required helping to reduce development costs.

Thermo-fluid dynamics simulation of the new cooling design for transformers and shunt reactors.