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At the COMSOL Conference 2018, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

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MEMS Based Mass Sensor with Uniform Sensitivity for Biological Applications new

Aditya Algn [1], Dr. Elizabeth Rufus [1],
[1] VIT Vellore, Vellore, Tamlinadu, India

MEMS sensors exhibit rapid response with minimum sample volume at higher sensitivities. This makes them suitable for detection of Micro/nanoparticles and can also use to monitor their physical process at that scales. Micro-cantilevers based sensing is widely used in the detection of mass ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: How Nexans Increases the Cost-Effectiveness of Cable Assets Using Multiphysics Simulation

Adrien Charmetant
Nexans Research Center, France

Nexans provides an extensive range of cable solutions to worldwide actors of the electricity value chain, from generation to consumption. Recent evolutions in the global electricity market, such as the targets for increasing the share of renewable energy and decreasing energy ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Multiphysics Eye Modeling as a Tool, from Research to Personalized Ophthalmology

D. Enfrun and A. Maurer
KEJAKO SA, Switzerland

Kejako, in the field of ophthalmology, merges medical technology (medtech) and engineering expertise to address presbyopia with an antiaging mindset and to treat the gradual loss of visual accommodation. In this presentation, we are thrilled to illustrate our journey. We will show you ... Saiba Mais

Optimization and Analysis of Modular Cantilever using Finite Element Approach new

Sumit Zanje [1], Ishant Jain [1],
[1] Raychem Innovation Center, Halol, Gujarat, India

Overhead cantilevers systems are used to support the assembly of overhead power transmission wires i.e. catenary wire, contact wire and the droppers to transfer the overall bending, transverse and vertical load to mast via insulators. The key characteristic of a quintessential cantilever ... Saiba Mais

Fluid Flow Dynamics in CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers new

Ankita Mukherjee [1], Dr. Pratik Dutta [1],
[1] IIEST Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Problem set up: The present study models fluid flow (CO2) in a closed system in context to CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers using the Sub surface flow module. A 2 dimensional heterogeneous porous reservoir (Fig. 1) 300 m x 910 m was fabricated using COMSOL Multiphysics® ... Saiba Mais

Investigation of Ion Facilitation Using Corrugated Membrane in Electrodialysis new

Priyabrata Mandal [1], Priya Goel [1], Anusha Chandra [1], Dr. Sujay Chattopadhyay [1]
[1] Indian Institutes of Technology Roorkee Saharanpur Campus, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Electrodialysis(ED) is an electrochemical separation process in which charged membranes are used to separate ionic species in presence of electrical potential. The efficiency of ED depends on polar membranes, flow hydrodynamics of electrolytes, concentration polarization arising due to ... Saiba Mais

A Study of Multiphase Flow in Resistive Plate Chambers new

Muzamil A. Teli [1], Supratik Mukhopadhyay [2], Nayana Majumdar [2], Waseem Bari [1],
[1] University of Kashmir, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
[2] Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics , Kolkata, West Bengal, India

An attempt is made to study the gaseous flow in Resistive Plate chambers(RPCs)- A gaseous detector used in experimental physics for detection of particle behaviours. The present study is based on two phase laminar flow analysed through two methods(conservative Level-Set and Phase field ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Building a Better Pump for Heart Failure Patients

[1] F. Hansen
Abbott Laboratories, Pleasanton, CA, USA [1]

Abbott’s Mechanical Circulatory Support group build implants that help people suffering from heart failure, a deadly and increasingly common disease. We combine computational fluid dynamics and particle tracing simulations to optimize the designs of implantable blood pumps that replace ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: COMSOL® Used as Core Technology for Development of RF/Microwave and High-Speed Digital Connectors

[1] E. Gebhard
Signal Microwave, Scottsdale, AZ, USA [1]

Signal Microwave designs and builds coaxial connectors for microwave and high-speed digital applications. This includes wireless systems, radar, 5G, optical systems, test equipment, back planes, etc. The COMSOL® software is one of our core technologies and is used to design virtually ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Process Simulation at Huntsman Advanced Materials

Florian Klunker
Huntsman Advanced Materials, Switzerland

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global chemical solutions provider with a long heritage of pioneering technologically advanced epoxy-, acrylic-, and polyurethane-based polymer products. Process simulation is used to support our customers in material selection and to demonstrate ... Saiba Mais