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Papers and Presentations from the COMSOL Conference 2018

At the COMSOL Conference 2018, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

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2018 - Allx

Improving Thermal Effect on Biological Tissue using Multiphysics Simulation and Shape Optimization

A. Ward [1],
[1] System Insight Engineering, Centennial, CO, USA

As minimally invasive and robotic surgical devices get smaller, designing precise energy delivery to create the desired tissue effect becomes a key component in product development. With many interdependent physical phenomena occurring simultaneously, it becomes necessary to use tools ... Saiba Mais

The Effect of Microchannel Geometry on Dispersing Solute Asymmetries

A. Taylor [1], D. Harris [1],
[1] Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

Within the field of microfluidics, scientists and engineers have found ways to manipulate flow at the micron scale in order to downsize standard experimental procedures. These techniques boast faster results while consuming less resources. Microfluidic devices can be used for point-of ... Saiba Mais

A Partial Verification of a COMSOL® Example Problem on the Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Network of Blood Vessels

J. T. Fong [1], A. Heckert [1], J. J. Filliben [1]
[1] National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Finite element method (FEM)-based solutions are known to contains errors and uncertainties due to at least four mathematical (M) and four physical (P) sources, namely, (M-1) mesh density or degrees of freedom, (M-2) mesh element types, (M-3) mesh quality such as mean aspect ratio, (M-4) ... Saiba Mais


赵湛 [1], 刘振宇 [1], 杜利东 [1],
[1] 中国科学院电子学研究所

MEMS压阻式压力传感器的输出特性易受温度的影响,而通常温度补偿技术具有复杂的校准过程,为了使其具有成本效益,通过保持传感器在恒定温度下运行来替代温度补偿技术。本案例中,通过集成MEMS加热电阻器来控制MEMS压力芯片的温度,使MEMS芯片的温度保持在恒定温度。 本案例第一个研究模拟了不同环境温度对MEMS压阻式压力传感器输出特性的影响;第二个研究模拟了MEMS加热电阻的电热产生、传热以及机械应力和变形。模型同时使用了“传热模块”的“固体传热”接口、“AC/DC模块”的“电流,壳”接口以及“结构力学模块”的“固体力学”和“膜”接口。 ... Saiba Mais


昌梦雨 [1], 白忠臣 [1],
[1] 贵州大学医学院

过去十几年里,量子点从材料科学到生命科学、从基础研究到实际应用都开展了广泛的研究。量子点在生物成像、光治疗、药物/基因转运、太阳能电池等领域均具有广泛的应用。通过调节量子点的表面性质,实现量子点与细胞相互作用的可控性是一个关键的问题。本文主要利用胶体化学合成的方法在油酸-石蜡的体系下制备了TiN/CdSe量子点的生物陶瓷复合材料,并研究了这种生物陶瓷复合材料在荧光发光方面的性质以及发光的机理,为后续使用其可见-近红外光热检测探究医学病变细胞有重要的作用。采用连续胶体化学法制备了TiN/CdSe量子点生物陶瓷复合材料。利用SEM、TEM和EDX对纳米复合材料的表面形貌 ... Saiba Mais


刘金欣 [1], 黄智恒 [1],
[1] 材料科学与工程学院,中山大学,广州市,广东省,中国

随着电子器件尺寸持续缩小接近物理极限,摩尔定律正面临巨大挑战,半导体制造业开始过渡到“超越摩尔”的三维集成时代。铜硅通孔是实现三维集成的关键技术之一,该技术通过铜硅通孔将多个芯片堆叠互连。然而,实际使用铜硅通孔互连芯片存在着可靠性问题,例如铜硅通孔的凸起。这个现象是由于铜与硅之间热膨胀系数的差异较大,因此在器件服役过程中会产生显著的热应力,造成铜硅通孔的凸起,严重地影响到器件的功能和完整性。为研究铜硅通孔凸起的机理,本文采用相场晶体法从原子尺度模拟重现硅通孔的凸起过程。在COMSOL Multiphysics基本模块中 ... Saiba Mais

Optimization for Improving Efficiency on Membrane Reactor for WGS Reaction

D.Y. Shin, T.E. Kim, J.Y. Lee
Altsoft Inc., Seoul, South Korea

Hydrogen production by water gas shift reaction(WGSR) in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant is the most popular process in the world. Traditional hydrogen production process by WGSR is consist of two processes due to its’ considerable exothermic equilibrium reaction ; ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Use of the COMSOL Multiphysics® Modules for the Design of the EPFLoop Hyperloop Pod

Prof. Mario Paolone, Nicolò Riva, Zsófia Sajó and Dr. Lorenzo Benedetti
EPFL, Switzerland

The Hyperloop is a concept system targeting passenger transportation, aiming to carry people and goods over dedicated pods running at 1200 km/h in high-vacuum tubes. Within the framework of the SpaceX 2018 Hyperloop pod design competition, the EPFLoop team illustrates how the COMSOL® ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Upgrading Synchroton Light Sources with COMSOL Server™

N. Goldring [1]
[1] RadiaSoft, LLC., Boulder, CO, USA

Next-generation synchrotron light sources are creating orders-of-magnitude brighter X-rays by reducing horizontal emittance. This requires the bending magnet pole tips to be closer to the electron beam axis, which in turn requires smaller vacuum chambers. The resultant design challenges ... Saiba Mais

Simulation of an Electrically Heated Carbon Fibre Fabric

L. Fromme [1], H. Funke [1], J. Stückemann [1], P. Tschöke [1],
[1] Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics, Bielefeld, Germany

For an increasing portion of various construction components carbon fibre reinforced plastic is used, since this material combines desirable properties as high stability and low weight. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic consists of carbon fibre fabric which is drenched in resin that then ... Saiba Mais