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At the COMSOL Conference 2018, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

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Vibration and Noise Analysis of the Feather River Bridge

L. A. De Jesús Díaz [1], R. Daniel Costley [1], H. Díaz-Alvarez [1],
[1] Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS, USA

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is conducting research using infrasound arrays to detect and monitor structures as well as for dynamic structural characterization of large infrastructure. Previous studies have determined that structures radiate acoustic ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Use of the COMSOL Multiphysics® Modules for the Design of the EPFLoop Hyperloop Pod

Prof. Mario Paolone, Nicolò Riva, Zsófia Sajó and Dr. Lorenzo Benedetti
EPFL, Switzerland

The Hyperloop is a concept system targeting passenger transportation, aiming to carry people and goods over dedicated pods running at 1200 km/h in high-vacuum tubes. Within the framework of the SpaceX 2018 Hyperloop pod design competition, the EPFLoop team illustrates how the COMSOL® ... Saiba Mais

Modeling Lightweight Charging Systems in the High-Temperature Applications

B. Jokanovic [1],
[1] SGL Carbon GmbH, Meitingen, Germany

The advantages of carbon based materials at high temperature applications are their lightweight high-temperature stability, chemical resistance combined with good thermally and electrically conducting properties. In such applications, typically materials like graphite and carbon fiber ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: The Role of Multiphysics Modeling in Lightning Protection Design and Certification

J. McKennon [1]
[1] NTS Lightning Technologies, Pittsfield, MA, USA

In the aerospace and wind turbine fields, implementing a suitable lightning protection design is paramount. Lightning, and other electromagnetic effects (precipitation static, radiated fields, etc.), can seriously degrade performance, damage, or even destroy objects without an acceptable ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Multiphysics Eye Modeling as a Tool, from Research to Personalized Ophthalmology

D. Enfrun and A. Maurer
KEJAKO SA, Switzerland

Kejako, in the field of ophthalmology, merges medical technology (medtech) and engineering expertise to address presbyopia with an antiaging mindset and to treat the gradual loss of visual accommodation. In this presentation, we are thrilled to illustrate our journey. We will show you ... Saiba Mais

Modeling and Analysis of Magnetostrictive Material based Structures new

Manik Kumar [1], Sajan Wahi [1], Dr. Sushma Santapuri [1],
[1] Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India

A computationally efficient nonlinear constitutive model is developed for magnetostrictive materials using energy minimisation and discrete-energy averaging techniques. Computational time was considerably reduced through a local linearization of the material response and subsequent ... Saiba Mais

Investigating a Tensor Formulation to describe the Magnetic Structure of Soft Magnetic Materials

O. Maloberti [1], M. Nesser [2], E. Salloum [2], J. Fortin [2], S. Panier [2], P. Dassonvalle [1], C. Pineau [3], M. Caruso [4], J-P. Birat [3], I. Tolleneer [4],
[1] ESIEE Amiens, France
[2] UPJV-LTI, France
[3] IRT-M2P, France
[4] CRM Group, France

Most of existing material representations [1], even including the dynamic hysteresis and iron losses [2], ignore local microscopic non-uniformities. These concern the magnetic structure (domains and walls [3]) and are mainly due to surface effects, anisotropy and exchange [4]. One ... Saiba Mais

Simulation of Pilot Plant Fischer-Tropsch Reactor in Gas to Liquid Technology

S. Arabi [1], B. Dennis [1],
[1] University of Texas, Arlington, TX, USA

Gas to liquid (GTL) technology can convert methane from the natural gas to liquid fuels and other valuable hydrocarbons which can then be quickly and efficiently transported. The catalytic Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis is the most critical step of the GTL process, as it is in this step ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: Building a Better Pump for Heart Failure Patients

[1] F. Hansen
Abbott Laboratories, Pleasanton, CA, USA [1]

Abbott’s Mechanical Circulatory Support group build implants that help people suffering from heart failure, a deadly and increasingly common disease. We combine computational fluid dynamics and particle tracing simulations to optimize the designs of implantable blood pumps that replace ... Saiba Mais

Keynote Talk: How Nexans Increases the Cost-Effectiveness of Cable Assets Using Multiphysics Simulation

Adrien Charmetant
Nexans Research Center, France

Nexans provides an extensive range of cable solutions to worldwide actors of the electricity value chain, from generation to consumption. Recent evolutions in the global electricity market, such as the targets for increasing the share of renewable energy and decreasing energy ... Saiba Mais